Oil vs renewables in Mexico, at Jornadas de Cooperación CONACYT-Catalunya

HPC4E researcher Josep de la Puente, from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, took part on the panel El petróleo vs las energías limpias in the framework of the Jornadas de Cooperación CONACYT-Catalunya (Barcelona, 13 and 14 June). The panel not only discussed the oil contribution to development of the first world and emerging economies, Mexico among them, but also the exploratory studies and benchmarks between the energy production based on fossil fuels and renewables.

Jornadas Conacyt-Catalunya

Some of the questions that were answered during the session wondered if the actual legal framework would allow the development and implementation of renewables in Mexico, or if it would allow the development of exploitation and production of Mexican oil. The conversation engaged also on choosing between funding oil or funding renewables in the fictional case of being able to do it.

Jornadas Conacyt-Catalunya

Please, feel free to download the presentation (PDF).