New paper presented at VECPAR 2016

Researcher Ji Liu, co-advised by Esther Pacitti, Marta Mattoso and Patrick Valduriez, presented the paper Scientific Workflow Scheduling with Provenance Support in Multisite Cloud at the 12th International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science (VECPAR) that was held in Porto (Portugal) from 28 to 30 June 2016.

VECPAR is an important venue for presenting and discussing the latest research and practice in high-end computer modelling and complex systems.


Recently, some Scientific Workflow Management Systems (SWfMSs) with provenance support (e.g. Chiron) have been deployed in the cloud. However, they typically use a single cloud site. In this paper, we consider a multisite cloud, where the data and computing resources are distributed at different sites (possibly in different regions). Based on a multisite architecture of SWfMS, i.e. multisite Chiron, we propose a multisite task scheduling algorithm that considers the time to generate provenance data. We performed an experimental evaluation of our algorithm using Microsoft Azure multisite cloud and two real-life scientific workflows, i.e. Buzz and Montage. The results show that our scheduling algorithm is up to 49.6% better than baseline algorithms in terms of execution time.

Please, feel free to download the paper.