The IISW gathers HPC centers from all around the world to discuss about industry engagement best practices

The International Industrial Supercomputing Workshop, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center in 2016, is an annual gathering of industrial partnership programs from leading HPC Centres around the world. These centres, which have traditionally been the domain of government and academic users, have in recent years created programs and projects to help provide HPC systems and expertise to industry. A number of prominent studies indicate that supercomputing is critical to the competiveness of industry. Benefits include reduced product development time, creation of higher quality products, process optimization, or higher predictive capacity, among others. Via these series of workshops, leading HPC centres share policies, strategic plans, success stories, and technical issues related to industrial supercomputing.
These annual workshops provide invited attendees the opportunity to meet and network in order to improve collaboration. Among the attendees in this edition were representatives from:

Talks were organized in two sessions: "Update on industrial HPC programs worldwide" and "HPC in industry". In the discussions it was highlighted the importance for the HPC centres with industry commitment to find the proper business model, not just selling cycles (computing hours), and that HPC uses have evolved in the latest years (High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analysis, Cognitive Computing, Visualization, IoT, ...) and therefore HPC centres must reconfigure their services. The workshop included a visit to BSC's supercomputer MareNostrum

This event was sponsored by the HPC4E project.