#HPCmatters to Energy

The teasers listed below were broadcasted during two weeks before SC16. At the conference, the HPC for Energy project presented a short video on the challenges that our society faces in energy production and consumption and how exascale supercomputing helps to address them. 


#6 (11/11/2016)
Important activities of our daily life -transportation, shipping, food, communications- depend on energy 
#5 (09/11/2016)
Improving ways of using biogas will offer a cheaper, cleaner and safer energy option for millions in developing countries.
#4 (07/11/2016)
How #HPCmatters to wind energy production and design?
#3 (04/11/2016)
How #HPCmatters to exploration geophysics for hydrocarbon reservoirs?
#2 (02/11/2016)
Tackling the challenges of biogas instability and dangers
#1 (31/10/2016)
Check out this amazing teaser #HPCmatter to Energy

Find out how #HPCmatters to Energy. Stay tuned!