HPC4E has been allocated 7.8 million UAs on Santos Dumont, the biggest supercomputer in Brazil

Researchers from COPPE/UFRJ, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and ITA have been allocated 7.8 million UAs on the new supercomputer Santos Dumont, located in the Brazilian lab of scientific computing (LNCC), the biggest supercomputer in Brazil.

The submission was related to Geophysics for Energy HPC4E team work. The objective of the team during the project is to adapt the most innovative numerical schemes to exascale computing systems in order to boost the capabilities of geophysical imaging. The developed geophysical systems will be analysed in depth, together with their domain of applicability and potential bottlenecks. The algorithmic improvements and optimization strategies developed in this work team will potentially tackle previously unaffordable problems by the hydrocarbon energy industry, in particular those involving very large-scale deep and complex geological scenarios.

The EU coordinator of the Geophysics for Energy team is REPSOL; and ITA, for the Brazilian side.