HPC4E codes, tested in all current European exascale prototypes

All current European exascale prototypes, Mont-Blanc and DEEP-ER, are being tested with codes developed in the HPC for Energy (HPC4E) project. With Mont-Blanc, HPC4E is exploring the possibilities of employing mobile chips for ultra-efficient HPC. With DEEP-ER, HPC4E is enabling geophysical simulation software to run on an exascale-ready many-core prototype.

HPC4E is working towards expanding the collaboration with other related projects and networks with the aim at transferring and widening the dissemination of the outputs and results of the HPC4E research.

For example, the project codes are being checked and improved in performance optimisation and productivity by the POP Centre of Excellence (Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence). On the other hand, the scalability analysis of HPC4E applications is also performed over PRACE computer architectures.

HPC4E also cooperates with the GEAGAM network on advancing in discontinuous Galerkin methods for geophysical electromagnetic modelling and inversion and with the EoCoE Centre of Excellence (Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for computing applications) on the development of linear systems solvers.

The Atmosphere team in HPC4E is also cooperating with NEWA (New European Wind Atlas ERA-NET PLUS) in the development and introduction of a new methodology for the assessment of wind conditions in Europe. This development will be based on dedicated large scale wind measurement campaigns, will be validated by local measurements and will include detailed turbulence models. The techniques developed by HPC4E researchers will be used in the production phase of NEWA.

HPC4E also cooperates with other EU-Brazil projects, like EOLIPREV, that studies the wind prediction at different time scales oriented to wind turbine control and wind power dispatch under specific Brazilian weather conditions, or FARPERJ-INRIA: HOMAR project, focused on high performance multiscale algorithms for wave propagation problems.

HPC4E Brazil coordinator, Alvaro Coutinho, adds that "in the end, collaboration with other Brazilian and European projects makes our project stronger".