HPC4E in the CIEMAT magazine Vértices

The director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Mateo Valero, is interviewed by CIEMAT magazine, Vértices. In its latest issue, nº 27, Valero explains the importance of supercomputing and why it's called the third pillar of science and engineering. During the interview, Valero explains that: "As part of the EU – Brazil cooperation project HPC4E (High Performance Computing for Energy), in which the CIEMAT also participates, we are also working in the field of bio-fuel generated energy, and very specifically on the case of biogas derived from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes. As everyone knows, biogas is available everywhere, it is renewable, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of rural areas, and it is obtained from organic matter not used for food. Its main problem is that variations in chemical composition make the performance of its combustion unpredictable, and for this reason we are developing simulations that permit the prediction, design and optimization of burners for fuels of a highly complex chemistry".

Please, feel free to read the full interview by following this link. The interview is available in Spanish and English.