HPC4E attends the Mont-Blanc project event 'ARM: On the road to HPC'

HPC4E researcher Rafael Mayo-García (CIEMAT) attended the event ARM: On the road to HPC, hosted by Mont-Blanc team in Barcelona. With over 130 industrial and academic attendees registered, the aim of this event was to promote and encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge among all the major players that are contributing to make ARM-based computing a reality for High-Performance Computing (HPC). The event was also an excellent occasion for all attendees to network and get the latest updates on these kinds of systems.

Furthermore, the project released an announcement: the selection of the Cavium’s ThunderX2™ processor for its new ARM-based HPC platform. 

HPC4E project is testing its codes in the Mont-Blanc exascale prototype. With Mont-Blanc, HPC4E is exploring the possibilities of employing mobile chips for ultra-efficient HPC.