Find out how HPC4E did in its first year

On January 2017, a panel comprising both European and Brazilian reviewers assessed the progress of the HPC4E project at the first technical review meeting held in France. Three independent reviewers appointed by the EC and two by RNP learned about the progress of every work-package, how industry and academia are collaborating and how the team is working on applying new towards-exascale HPC techniques to energy industry simulations.

Carlos Morais-Pires, EC Project Officer, and Wanderson Paim de Jesus, R&D Project Manager at RNP, held the review meeting, which was attended by 40 team members from Europe and Brazil.

Morais-Pires highlighted collaboration within the project, its use of HPC to innovate with industry and its multidisciplinary composition. Morais-Pires added, “HPC4E is an important contribution to the exascale strategy that Europe has engaged”.

Paim de Jesus stressed the fact that this was the first time that the Brazilian agency was taking part in this kind of technical reviews and celebrated the spirit of collaboration between partners.

We took the opportunity to interview the EC Project Officer, the EU and Brazilian coordinators and the RNP Project Manager. Find out what they had to say in the video below: