Face-to-face meeting gathers HPC4E team in France

The HPC4E team met from 30 January to 2 February to share intensive days of networking and work coordination and preparation.

On Tuesday 31 January, the first year review of the project took place, with reviewers from  both Europe and Brazil assessing the project's activities. Each subteam gave a joint EU-Brazil presentation of the work carried out over these first 12 months.

On Wednesday 1 February, HPC4E ran the 'HPC Roadmap for Energy Industry' workshop with the participation of Paul Gibbon (EoCoE coordinator), Jeroen Van Oijen (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), other members of the project (José María Cela and Alvaro Coutinho, HPC4E coordinators; Henri Calandra, TOTAL) and representatives of EC and RNP.

Finally, on Thursday 2 February, the HPC4E team gathered together to prepare and coordinate the work for the second period of the project.

HPC4E team HPC4E team
HPC4E team HPC4E team


All these events were hosted by INRIA Sophia Antipolis.