EU-Brazil collaboration at Cloudscape Brazil

The Sociedade Brasileira de Computação organized its XXXVI Congress, “Computação e Interdisciplinaridade”, from 4 to 7 July in Porto Alegre (Brazil). This year’s edition the programme included in the satellite events two workshops in which HPC4E project took part, organized by EUBrasilCloudFORUM project.

On 6 July took place the 1st WCN – Workshop on Cloud Networks. The workshop brought together researchers, engineers and practitioners from academia, industry and government to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art research, advances and practice in the emerging area of cloud-based networks and applications. Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and HPC4E researcher Phillipe O.A. Navaux presented in the session “Collaborative Research in Cloud Computing: future and challenges”.

HPC4E at CSBC2016
Prof. Navaux at the Workshop on Cloud Networks (CSBC 2016)

Professor Navaux also presented HPC4E in the presentation session “EU-Brazil Cloud Research excellence today” of the 3rd Cloudscape Brazil satellite event. Funded jointly by the European Commission (EC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; Portuguese: Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação (MCTI) of Brazil, the EUBrasilCloudFORUM project supports EU-BR collaborative projects in the collection and promotion of their results and activities. The results will be used to draft a research Roadmap on cloud computing, identifying collaboration needs and opportunities between Europe and Brazil for the European Commission and to MCTI, thus contributing to the definition of future cooperation priorities between the two regions.

Professor Navaux explains that “our research group works on High Performance Computing in Cloud, studying the viability of executing big applications, or part of their processing, in a cloud environment. So, in the panel –in which he presented-, we will contribute with the discussion of the challenges of processing big app.”

HPC4E at CSBC2016
HPC4E at CSBC 2016

HPCWire -media specialized in supercomputing- highlighted in its Weekly Twitter Roundup section the tweet about HPC4E posted by @EUBR_cloudforum. The section, by Thomas Ayres, collects the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. 

Weekly Twitter Roundup
Tweet highlighted at HPCWire


For further information, please, feel free to visit: 
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•    http://www.eubrasilcloudforum.eu/wcn-cloudscape-brazil-2016-csbc-2016-porto-alegre-rs-brasil