Curious about the code developed and used in HPC4E project?

HPC4E is a project directly related to obtaining and managing more efficiently energetic resources by means of high performance computing. In the end, this will result in cheaper, cleaner and safer energy production, what has a direct impact on society. In addition, the HPC specific advances will benefit other disciplines as supercomputation is being used in almost every scientific and industrial field.

The algorithms developed in the project will enable the application codes to run efficiently larger problems with higher fidelity to a better exploitation of various sources of energy.

The HPC4E website has published the information about the codes developed in the framework of the project and the software used in the context of HPC4E. The software includes the DfAnalyzer framework, d-Chiron, MaPHyS and PaStiX, ALYA, BOAST, libMesh and 3D acoustic wave simulation.

All the information is available in the Datasets and software section of the website. In the same section there’s available the HPC4E Seismic Test Suite, which provides both developers and users of HPC geophysical imaging tools with a set of tests that is scalable in size, easy to set up and equally usable with any kind of 3D seismic modelling algorithm. This includes elastic and acoustic models, with and without topography.