Computer architecture challenges for exascale computing

Prof. Philippe O.A. Navaux (UFRGS) delivered one of the four plenary talks at the 4th Conference of Computational Interdisciplinary Sciences at São José dos Campos (Brazil). The talk was titled "Computer architecture challenges for exascale computing". 

The Conference of Computational Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS 2016) aims to be a meeting place of researchers and students working in areas of science that use scientific computing in their research projects. It is an initiative of the Pan-American Association on Computational Interdisciplinary Sciences (PACIS) and has a periodicity of two years. The CCIS 2016 envisioned, in an innovative way, a broader dialog, which is inherently inter- and multidisciplinary, where researchers from different areas can share their experiences and find solutions to their computational problems. 

Prof. Navaux received the PACIS Prize of Scientific Award for his remarkable academic and research achievements in High Performance Computing.

Prof. Navaux, PACIS Prize of Scientific Award
Prof. Navaux, PACIS Prize of Scientific Award