Barcelona hosts the kick-off meeting

Barcelona hosts the kick-off meeting

On 2 and 3 February 2016, the High Performance Computing for Energy (HPC4E) project officially launched with a kick-off meeting for partners at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). 40 members of the HPC4E European and Brazilian partners could share information, procedures and knowledge to lay the foundations of the next two year collaboration.

The project’s consortium includes both companies within the energy sector, such as REPSOL, TOTAL, Iberdrola and Petrobras, as well as the following research centres: BSC, CIEMAT, Inria, University of Lancaster (ULANC), COPPE, LNNC, ITA, Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sur and Universidad Federal de Pernambuco.

While the first day was devoted to presenting the work planned in each of the work-packages, the second arouse some questions and debate as three parallel sessions took place: one focused on wind energy, another on biomass for energy and, the last one, on geophysics of energy.

Energy is one of the current priorities for EU-Brazil cooperation. Our main objective is to develop high-performance simulation tools that go beyond the state of the art to help the energy industry respond to both future energy demands and carbon-related environmental issues.